Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Crazy as this sounds, I have been kicking around this internal dialogue for a while now... When and how is the right time time bring up the boob stuff?  I mean should I just keep it a secret, should I only let certain people know, or should I post a blog about it...  My breasts or whatever you want to call them do not define me, but they are me, and the process has created this me.

The military has decided to dislocate the Dickey family, foobs and all across the globe to Germany.  This means having to forge new relationships with common nipple bearing folks and maybe even the topless, European sorts.  I know it's weird that I am even taking the time to consider how or when or even what to tell these new people.  The hubs thinks it's best to keep it bound in a bra because it's no one's business, but I don't know if that's the right call for me.  I haven't been saving up the cash to print handouts or make tee-shirts, but I think once I feel comfortable, I will want to share my jug journey.  I just haven't come across an opportunity to share my story with someone I didn't already know and don't really know how or even if I should fondle the topic.

Hi, I'm Tara Dickey and I have no nipples...  That's an icebreaker for the books dick and boobs all in one!


ThePetitePrincess said...

I, too, am a nipple-less wonder now. At first I was a little freaked. I had a nipple sparing mastectomy that went awry, and after 2 weeks in a hyperbaric chamber twice a day for 2 hrs a pop--my nips still died. So, off they came and the implants were replaced. Then I had an infection in righty, and that implant was taken out, more skin removed and an expander put in. Enter, rock hard square-boob as I liked to call it. As the doc expanded it, the thing took on planetary proportions which formed a gravitational pull on the left one which was a D cup. Righty was a G at full expansion. I just had the swapout for the implant again. Now I am waiting to get the nipple tattoos, or tit-tats :) Personally, I am not shy about talking about it. It is not anything I'm ashamed of. I refer to them as my barbie boobs, and think of the advantage of never having 'high-beams' when cold :)

Big hugs out to you for having to adjust to new surroundings and make new friends...and find new doctors. That is probably the most difficult. But rock those 'foobs' proudly girl!

MDelia said...

I'm about to turn 30 and trying to decide whether to a have nipple-sparing or non-nipple sparing BPM. I fortunately don't have cancer, yet, but am BRCA2 positive. My plastic surgeon says "nipple sparing just doesn't look as good." That was his only concern. It sounds like there are plenty of complications to be had. Any advice? I'm considering the surgery within the year.

Shahrukh said...

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Anonymous said...

Although a nipple is not the same as a breast, it does, nonetheless, contain a small amount of breast tissue. To keep them is to retain a degree of cancer risk. Other risks such as tissue necrosis exist as well.I chose to have them removed, but it is a personal choice for every person facing mastectomies. I just figured being alive and nip-free was better than the alternative.