Wednesday, May 16, 2012


My oh my!  I have gotten myself pregnant...

Joshua is beyond ecstatic.  He found out on Valentines Day after following a bunch of random clues leading around the house to different, cheesy gifts, but the last one was a set of binkies and he was a bit confused.  When he put two and two together he was filled with joy.  I am due October 24th and things are growing great.

Typically, breasts enlarge and become tender for a pregnant lady, one with boobs at least.  I did experience a few odd symptoms during the first few weeks of pregnancy.  My chest ached and my arm pits swelled up.  I attempted to google research these symptoms, but found that there haven't been very many women that have blogged or posted about their pregnancies after PBM.  I was fairly concerned and placed a call to the doc.  She was a bit baffled too, but attributed the pain and soreness to residual breast tissue and/or the increased hormone levels.  The pain subsided after a week or so and I have no had any other breast symptoms since.  I will miss having those enormous, bulging pregnancy boobies.

We have successfully transferred our home to Germany.  I am being seen at a German hospital and sometimes the language barrier is comical; like explaining my BRCA status and lack of nipples.  Just imagine me tweaking imaginary headlights and shaking my head a lot.  I think I have communicated my inability to breast feed, but I was scheduled an appointment with a lactation nurse so maybe I am mistaken.  She might be in for a surprise when she goes to check the to see if the pieces are all working...

I have met a few people here in Germany and surprisingly it was easy to talk about my surgeries with people I had never met.  I had such apprehension thinking that I would never be able to explain, but it's crazy how things work out and get brought up in conversations.

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Betsey said...

A few things that I noticed during and after pregnancy. From time to time I also experienced a little soreness. I noticed that under my arms and around my incision lines my muscles ached a bit the bigger I got. I had the skin and nipple sparing PBM, so I noticed a few soft lumpy areas. Usually about the size of a kernel of popcorn or smaller. They would come and go during the 3rd trimester. i also had a little bit of milk leakage after my little man arrived (remnant milk ducts/glands) It lasted for about two weeks then was gone completely. Probably a few drops a day or so, you shouldn't have that problem.
I also had to explain to every nurse I saw why I was not breast feeding, and why I could not even give it a try. It became a joke for me and my husband. They even sent the lactation consultant in to try to convince me to breast feed.