Thursday, November 12, 2009


Drains are a pain in my ass. They are uncomfortable and really just gross! Each of my armpits house a tube that is about three feet long with a little ball on the end of it. The first hassle is trying to figure out how to keep your drains under your shirt without dragging your sac of sickness on the ground. I have managed to rig up a necklace holder. This helps keep them up, but you can't really conceal the bulge under your shirt. That reminds me, because you can't lift your arms I have to wear only zip up shirts. This is something that I hadn't been prepared for. I parade around in a robe most of the time. Alright, back to the drains, you need to strip them several times a day because they get clogged with junk. I don't want to elaborate because I don't want to think about what the chunks may be. Another way that I have found to keep my drains up is to just pin them inside the shirt that I am wearing. You just have to make sure that they are up high enough as not to peek a boo out from the bottom of your shirt. I am hoping to have my drains removed tomorrow and will not be the least be sad to see them go.

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