Sunday, November 21, 2010

Revisions and Exchange

The revision surgery and new implant exchange went well.  It was determined that I have ultra thin skin.  This at least gives me a good explanation for the incurable dark circles that frame my eyes and the watermelon stretchmarks that have invaded my tummy.  This thin skin thing is a bit bothersome to me because I am worried about my mega large 800cc implants being to heavy for my skin to support them, I do have Alloderm, the cadaver skin that acts as a support system, but I'm still nervous.  We will see how they end up, or down I guess!  I did get larger implants to help fill up the space and even out the shape of my breasts.  They sound obscene, but really don't feel or look all that large; not the porno boob look I may have once imagined.  A few internal stitches were made to help hold the implants in the proper place.  I really like my new cleavage!  The surgery itself was much easier than any of the others.  I was out and walking the Seattle streets just a few days later and being only three weeks out, I am feeling ready to battle the gym and get rid of some of that extra weight I've been storing!  I am going to start very slowly though.  Joshua has started his journey to Afghanistan and I am determined to use this year to get back into shape and find peace with my new body. 

Because my skin is so thin and Joshua is away, the surgeon thinks it best to wait a while for nipple reconstruction.  This is completely fine with me; I am beginning to like my Barbie boobs!  It's nice not to have to worry about nipples poking out or pointing the way.  Besides, I found this really cool place that actually sells rub on nipple tattoos...  do I smell a stocking stuffer?!  That's about the breast I can do for now.  Nothing to exciting to report or surgeries pending for now.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Tara,
Just found your web site and it is great! Just wondering about your source for the temporary nipple tattoos. I have created 3-D ones through the artwork of an areola specialist. I would love to know about yours. Info about mine are at I would love to get your feedback. Elizabeth

Amy - Cancer Cove said...

Hey Tara,

It's so hard to find stories about surgery like yours. Thanks for being brave enough to share them! If we can get more people sharing stories like yours then people will know that they are not alone.