Thursday, July 8, 2010

Missin' the Nips

Recently, I had an amazing and enlightening conversation with a girl friend about fetishes.  Weird, I know, but it was certainly entertaining.  She told me that there is literally a fetish for everything.  I'll let you make your own assumptions and mental landscapes.  So anyhow, I decided to see if there was nippleless porn.  Haha, much to my disappointment, no on has a fetish for breasts without nipples.  Sheesh... maybe I'll start a new fad.

Being without nipples is quite odd really.  It's like there is an unfinished masterpiece under my tee shirt.  But, nipples don't really make the breast, I guess.  You don't hear people fantasizing about the nipples!

 Having no nipples may be a super cool ice breaker!

I actually will be meeting back with the plastic surgeon next week to determine when I shall be blessed with the little guys or girls or whatever!  I know there are a few different options and initially I had wanted to do tattooing, but many things have changed throughout the course of the reconstruction.  I'll keep ya posted on what stickers I choose to put on my foobies.

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