Thursday, July 8, 2010


Wow, it's been too long!  I'd love to say that I have been neglecting my writing responsibilities because playing with the new fun bags have been consuming my time, but that's far from the case.  In fact, I was wanting to wait until I was satisfied with my boobs before I posted, but that too is out of reach.  I guess I'll let ya cop a feel from the beginning.

The surgery was pretty easy actually.  Nothing in comparison to having them breasts sliced off.  I went into the surgery not really knowing what size I was going to wake up with.  Not such an easy feeling falling asleep unsure if you will wake with cherries or grapefruits!  Anyhow, I was implanted with 700cc silicone breasts.  That sounds huge, but you have to remember that they had already removed all the breast tissue.  They seem pretty small to me, but I am getting used to being able to wear tank tops and low cut shirts braless.  For the first few weeks I had to keep them on lockdown with sports bras, but recently the swelling has decreased and I have been able to free foob it.

Now the gripes...

1. They are always cold.  On a hot day this might be nice, but I live in Alaska...
2. They feel like implants.  Anyone that says implants feel real, never had breasts to know what they feel like.  When ya push one side, the other side grows.  They bounce in unison and are uncomfortable to sleep on.  They are called implants because they are just that.  They are implanted in your body and don't belong there.
3. They have no projection.  Granted, I knew this was gonna be the case, but I sorta hoped I'd be the exception.  Because I had no breast tissue to project, it just looks like a skin covered implant hanging out on my chest.

Oh, I guess I should stop complaining!  On the upside, if I were to try for my Jerry beads, they wouldn't have to sensor anything!  Haha, I need to lay off the Springer, it's like a drug.  No, don't get me wrong, I am not second guessing my decision at all.  Just sometimes I am disappointed that things weren't as glamorous as I thought they might be.  My visions on porno boobs up to my chin are in my rear view at this point.

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