Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rack Rant...

I am so sick of the ignorant comments people make in passing. Oh at least you get fake ones, I wish I could get a boob job. It must be nice that your tits won't sag anymore. Maybe I need to get tested so insurance will pay for implants.

I am not going through with this surgery to get insurance to pay for a boob job! Maybe you got the wrong idea because I try to make light of the situation by using breast humor, but seriously, are nippleless, scarred masses on your chest sexy?! I have already been slapped with the realization that I will never again look sexy; time to retire the tiny bikinis and plunging necklines!

Maybe you just don't understand that I am getting my breasts REMOVED. I am not simply going in to get something implanted for enhancement, I am getting my breasts stripped off and replacing them with an alien object so that I will still will at least resemble a woman. It is merely a precautionary action because I don't have any desire to sign up to wage war against breast cancer. I will do everything within my power to avoid that devastating blow.

I have been open about discussing my decision to opt for the prophylactic bilateral mastectomies and if it were vanity, there is no way in hell I would rip them off and leave the battle scars. There are no Dolly or Pamela dreams here. Well, dreams maybe, but the reality of the situation is that I will have patchwork breasts. So, grab your saggy baggies, get over yourself, and stop running your mouth about things you know nothing about!


bkessler said...

Girl I love LOVE your blog! I love your outlook on life and your rack. I am so SO excited that you chose me to do some sexy sassy photos of you before surgery!! Bring it on!!

Anonymous said...

Well said! My PBM (DIEP) isn't until January, but I've already had similar comments. People are ignorant as to what we go through, as BRCA mutants. Having breasts sliced off and rebuilt, losing feeling in them, scars, none of that equals 'boob job' in my dictionary either.

Adding you to my blog roll ~ which is getting really long these days! :)

Teri S.