Monday, April 27, 2009


Whatta waste of time! I swear they must be dragging me along down some endless, winding gravel road. I had my ultrasound done and they saw nothing, but because ultrasound may be missing something, I get to go for ANOTHER MRI. Does this make sense? I am super confused. Whatever though... they are always going to want to feel me up or get something looked at. The radiologist explained that he has to take every little inconsistency seriously because of my BRCA status. He too almost fell over when I had told him I was getting them removed. It makes no sense to me that people find this so extreme. It also makes me kinda giddy too though! I have never been the dangerous or rebellious one; I now see how fun it can be to get those reactions. It doesn't affect my decision any. I am still confident I am doing what is right for me and my family.

The second MRI has yet to be scheduled and I am not all too excited about that task. I guess pending what this MRI shows, I will be getting a biopsy. No clue what to expect, I am hoping that the 12mm ovular mass that was seen the first time has randomly disappeared and they keep those long ass needles to themselves!

My original plan of having my new breasts before heading to Alaska has slowly drifted out of sight and has become a perfect if only. I am sorta bummed out, but have faith that things are happening this way for a reason. I will just keep trudging down this path of endless groping, waiting, and wondering.

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