Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Foobie Fantasies!

My foobies, or fake boobies, I want them to look good, no, I want them to look great. I probably have unrealistic expectations of what they will look like, but have been enjoying imagining the final product. Throughout the day I find myself checking out other women's racks. I have come to understand and maybe even appreciate a man's obsession with these fascinating body parts. Not only can they make an unattractive lady more attractive, they can bring a babe down a notch or two. In one of the millions of breast books I have been reading lately, I ran across a doctor that recommends looking at playboy to help decide implant shape and size. Wow, I would put money down on the fact he is a male, a typical one at that!

I just want to feel good about myself. I want to look good with clothes on and feel okay about myself without anything on! I still want to wear that daring shirt with the plunging neckline and be able to fill out pretty dresses. Most importantly, I still want to feel like a woman, without all of my womanly parts.

My breasts are probably the one body part that makes me feel sexy. I know just how to tuck and push them to get the responses I want! I wonder how much this will affect me in the intamacy department. Will my new ones still have that affect on me? What about my husband?

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