Sunday, November 30, 2008

Boob Blogging...

Bloggings is for losers that have absolutely no life. Well, I guess I qualify!

It is terribly late at night and I am being harrassed by the thoughts in my head. It is this one thing that I can't seem to shake. About a year ago, I found out that I have a genetic mutation that is known to cause breast cancer. My specific mutation is BRCA 1 with a Q1200X deleterious mutation. What the hell?! All I know is that my chances of having breast cancer just went from dancing in puddles to drowning in the waves. I sorta always knew it was coming though. My mother battled breast cancer when she was far too young. I am not upset or about having this mutation, more just bothered by how much I love my boobs! I never really took the time to appreciate them, maybe give them a good squeeze every now and then. Sheesh, they have always been so good to me. I am going to do a little bragging, this is a blog about my boobs afterall! I have great breasts. They are big, but more importantly are firm and round. It's all about the roundness, you know, two perfect half grapefruits resting on my chest decorated with the cutest pink, perky nipples. No pancakes here! They always look great in tight shirtsand give me perfect cleavage, enough to make anyone wonder, "What's going on under that shirt?"

Alright, here's the thought that is keeping me up at the most retarded hours, how large of a role do my breasts play in my life?


Sarah A. Salcedo said...

You do have perfect boobs!! You know how I feel about the subject... BTW I am even more jealous that your boobs are still perfect after two kids, what the heck, mine were ruined after one!

KourJalopy said...

So blogging is for losers eh? Well, then I'm the biggest loser there is?

Love you girly and I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving.